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High Speed Autocross

  • Easiest and least expensive way to get your car on a real race track
  • Run against the clock - not other cars
  • Cars are spaced on the track based on performance potential and level of preparation
  • Opportunity to go as fast as you're comfortable - safely and legally
  • The more you participate, the better your lap times will be and the better driver you will become!
  • Driver school/meeting for novices the morning of each event
  • Morning: Multi-lap practice sessions Afternoon: Individual timed runs
  • Trophies awarded at the conclusion of each event
  • Earn points toward season championship
  • Primary empahsis is on safety and fun - Run What You Brung
  • Requirements:
    1. Paid entry fee
    2. Valid drivers license
    3. Approved snell helmet
    4. Mechanically sound vehicle - Must pass tech inspection
    5. Roll bars required in convertibles and roadsters

For live timing and scoring or events results, visit the