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North Suburban Sports Car Club, a member club of Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs has been sanctioning wheel-to-wheel racing continuously since 1958. An all volunteer, not-for-profit organization, MCSCC hosts 10 to 12 race weekends annually. In addition to the typical wheel-to-wheel sprint races, these weekends include HPDEs, High Speed Autocross, and MCSCC licensing schools. At every weekend's wheel-to-wheel event, a run group is reserved for vintage/historic racing.

Throughout Midwestern Council, metal-to-metal contact between competitors is not tolerated. To support this stance, as do virtually all other vintage race organizations, we provide strict stewarding and enforce a 13/13 rule with all infractions shared within the V/H sanctioned racing community. While spirited competition is encouraged and expected, safety, car control, and good sportsmanship are expected at all times. We typically do not class cars for trophy standings, but do offer a points program for regular competitors that rewards consistent participation, driving wherewithal, vehicle preparation, and reliability.

Cars eligible for MCSCC competition must be pre-1974, unless a continuation model, run DOT-approved tires, and meet MCSCC GCR technical and safety regulations for V/H vehicles. (The MCSCC General Competition Rules (GCR) may be found under MCSCC on the Links page.) The race group is only open to drivers holding current race privileges with MCSCC, SCCA, VSCDA, VMC, or other nationally-sanctioned organizations. Please refer to the MCSCC GCR or individual race entry supplemental regulations for other approved organizations. Feel free to contact the Vintage/Historic Competition Director with individual questions for further information.

We look forward to having you come and join us for an exciting event